What is Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil? Why should you use them?

Good questions, and instead of saying “I don’t know, ask me something about sport”, pull up a chair and we’ll tell you all about this slippery subject.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is, of course, oil that has been specially formulated for use with men’s beards, and seeks to keep your facial hair in the best possible condition, but why is it any different from standard hair shampoo? The answer is that different parts of the body sprout different types of hair, and if you use the wrong product on an area, you can end up stripping out the natural oils, leaving your skin feeling itchy and flaky.

The hair that grows on your face is markedly different from the hair that sprouts out of your scalp. Facial hair is much thicker and has a fast growth period, while scalp hair is finer and has a different construction.

The follicles and structure of the hair is different and they rely on different essential minerals and oils.  Facial follicles and oils tend to produce shorter, curlier hair elements, while those on top of your head tend to create straighter sections. These changes in origin not only lead to differences in structure, but can also create differences in colour too.

Plainly, beards and scalps are different, so you need to treat them differently.

How is Beard Shampoo different from standard shampoo?

Beard shampoo has been developed as the ideal means of keeping your facial hair cleaned and in the best condition, and that is the fundamental reason that you should always stay away from just using hair shampoo or – horror of horrors – plain old shower gel or soap on your face! That means getting a specialised product to do a specific job.

Rather oddly, many common hair shampoos are designed to strip off natural oils to stop your hair looking greasy.  They do this by means of ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), citric acid, panthenol and zinc pyrithione, which cut down on oil and give you apparently healthy-looking hair.  But together with conditioners, they do have other additives that keep your skin healthy, particularly with frequent use, so it’s not all bad!

Beards tend not to be shampooed as much as scalps so if you use the wrong product type, you will strip off the moisture from your skin, without adding the protective parts, and it won’t be long before your skin suffers.

Beard shampoos come in all sorts of forms but you should pick one that cleans your beards and the skin underneath without being too aggressive. Once your facial fuzz is clean and soft, make it even better with a little beard oil to keep it in good condition, too.

How often should I shampoo my beard?

Now that you have the facts, and the right products for your beard, just how often should you give your beard a good old lathering? Well, that depends upon several factors including the environment you are in; if you work in a hot restaurant, you may want to do it mor often than if you work outside. It will also depend on your beard length, and how often you drop soup into it. There is no set rule, but if you are unsure, stick to around two to three times per week.  That should keep it nice-smelling, bushy, and looking good.

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