Barbers Open, Don’t All Rush at Once.

The recent opening up of barber shops is something that many have waited for with bated breath.  Not only has hair gone a bit wild but beards are looking a tad unkempt too, and getting back into the barber’s chair is a welcome relief. Many men are less worried about their head hair than their facial hair, and getting a bit of professional attention is something high on their personal care agenda.

It’s okay for your head of hair to run on a bit as a growing number of men are preferring the natural look rather than preened, but beards are a different story. For many, a beard has to have a high degree of order as a psychological flag to show that we actually care about our appearance, and as a counterpoint to slightly unkempt head hair.  Beards, in short, tend to receive the loving styling that we neglect elsewhere and if you have been growing your beard for some time, you don’t want it to go wrong.

While it is possible to keep some kind of order to your beard un the bathroom mirror, to truly get it trimmed it needs to be done by a professional, and someone who can see the sides of it properly too, rather than just the front. Your barber has the right tools and can get up close and personal, redefining the sharp lines that you sported before lock down.  Your barber is also likely to use tools that you probably don’t have at home, such as multi-graded clippers for different follicle lengths and a cutthroat razor to really take excess hair down to the skin for the really sculpted look.

So, now you can get your facial hair tended to, is there any way you can keep it in good order between visits to the barber?  Well, there are plenty of products that help condition and protect you beard, making it easier to maintain and keeping it in tip top condition.  Try, for instance, beard shampoo, to make your facial hair really clean and free from the types of dirt and grime that stunts its growth and makes it look unhealthy.  Once you have cleaned it, you could use some beard oil. This is a light oil that helps repair and protect your facial hair and help give it a healthy sheen. Using beard oil regularly can penetrate the individual follicles and build up strength and vitality from the inside.  You can also moisturise with a decent beard balm to make it soft and pliable.  Packed with Linoleic acid and Omega 3 & 6 content, Kernel Oil and Virgin Poppy Seed Oil, a beard balm is something that you can use every day to give your beard a healthy look and feel.

Using products like these regularly, your beard will be healthier and will stay in shape for longer, so you don’t have to get your barber to tend to it so often.

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