What is Water Pomade? Why should you use pomade to style your hair?

Sounding like something that should have lemons (or ‘Poms’ at the very least) in it but generally doesn’t, water pomade is the go-to product for many men who want their hair looking slick and manageable.  Modern pomades derive from their American counterparts of the 1920’s and 30’s when the well-dressed chap wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a shave with a straight razor, a dousing in Clubman talcum powder, and his hair set flawlessly with pomade.

The English word "pomade" is derived from French pommade meaning "ointment", itself arising from the Latin pomum via the Italian pomata as the original ointment recipe contained mashed apples. Modern pomades are far more technical though, and rather than just being fruit-based glues, they actually care for your hair and help keep it in good order.

The pomades used in the early part of the last century were traditionally oil-based, and many pomade purists argue that your styles will last longer with these types of product, but be warned that oil-based pomades are notoriously harsh and can take many harsh washes to remove. The new trend in male grooming is water-based pomades, which can be washed out with a single rinse and still offer a good range of control. So, whether you’re after a razor-sharp side-parting, or prefer it naturally matte with a touch of texture, there are plenty of products available.

Many of the gels and sprays available on the market are incredibly unhealthy for your hair even with only infrequent or light use. The main ingredients in these have a tendency to evaporate the moisture out of your hair, leaving it crunchy and hard and not something that you – or anyone else – would want to run their fingers through. The ideal, that almost everyone apart from those with the spikiest hair, aspires to, is to have lush, healthy-looking locks that stay in place, and for that, you need something a little special, like a pomade.

The Sleek Ritual - What is Water Pomade?

Modern water-based pomades are just getting better and better. Their formulas are being refined in some great ways and are now including more and more healthy aspects as well. They are now packed with vitamins, essential oils and a whole host of other good things for your hair so they give you the hold that you need but are caring too.

Hawkins & Brimble specialise in high-end water-based pomades that not only give you great style, but add a little something to your hair too. We have products based on Tsubaki Oil to soften your hair, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to thicken and add volume, and Coconut Oil to condition.

Hawkins and Brimble Water Pomade GIF

If you are looking to adopt a great, natural look, but also want something that will hold your style, look no further than our range of water-based pomades

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